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The Connelly Line:

Each Connelly billiard table is built to exacting standards that combine creativity,
superior materials, state-of-the-art technology and old-world craftsmenship.

Connelly Tables are in six different sizes ranging from 6 to 10 feet in length and in 30
meticulously crafted models.

There are 3 types of wood used:  Ash (Fine Pennsylvania Ash), Maple (U.S. Maple) and Cherry (U.S. Appalachian).

There are 18 different finishes to choose from.  Everything from Mahogany to Pecan.  Only the finest Italian slate (1 inch minimum thickness) is used.

Connelly Tables use the Rapid Rail™ System.  Each individual rail is laid out and drilled to proportionally accept four rail bolts instead of the industry standard three.  the additional rail bolts provide a more consistent rail tension for more consistent play.  Combined with full profile K-66 cushions, vulcanized-canvas backing and cushion-control fabric, the result is a precise and true ball response which actually even sounds better.  The Rapid RailSystem is a standard feature on all Connelly models except the entry level "Desert Collection."

Connelly Billiard Manufacturing, Inc. guarantees its billiard tables against defects in workmanship or materials (excluding normal wear and tear) for the LIFETIME of the table.  Please call Davitt Billiards for more details (570-489-1837).

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